Traveling Post Covid

I’ve finally cracked I can no longer stay hostage in my home. I don’t know about you but my family and I actually have been quarantined this whole time haven’t been anywhere except for the grocery store and even then that was only me, my kids haven’t had contact with anyone. I don’t know how I feel about this virus but better safe than sorry. I also am a very germ conscious person by nature anyway and would regularly keep Lysol spray & disinfectant wipes in my diaper bag not saying I’m a germaphobe but I like to keep the ickiness away from me and my family. But I say all that to say we are going on a road trip! I can no longer stay home and if I am in a home I would like the option to see the beach so we are renting a home in Florida! I am so excited 😆

So I would like to share with you how I’m preparing to travel during this new normal. This will be my youngest Zavae first road trip I have four kids total ages 1,2,5, and 8 so I want to make sure I try to be as clean and safe as possible. I’m sure your local stores are low in stock just like mine when it comes to disinfect so I’m going to list what I looked for instead.

Sanitized Clothes!

•First I checked the travel section anytime I went to a different grocery store I would just check to see and I finally hit the jackpot. I found travel Clorox wipes & travel size Lysol spray

•I also checked the car section for the air sanitizer and found Ozium! I was really excited about finding a full size, and after doing some research I found that this is actually a top product for sanitizing the air.

•Like I previously stated I’ve been a hand sanitizer hoarder so I just bought a big jug to pour into our travel size bottles…and am I tripping or did they seriously raise the price of hand sanitizer 🧐 maybe I never really paid attention before.

•I also found a new line of Clorox fabric sanitizer! I was most excited for that whenever we get back in the house we take our outdoor clothes off and shower immediately and we were going through so much laundry. This comes in a regular spray, aerosol spray and a fabric softener. So instead of having to wash right away we can spray until laundry day.

•Last on our travel list are the most important thing right now, Mask! 😷 Can’t really go anywhere without them and if you know me I love all things matchy so I wanted to find cute mask for my family and I. I found this great Etsy shop Redtastic and they were less than $10 a piece and came really fast she has many different prints to choose from but since this is a Florida trip I felt like I needed to go with the Disney print!

Hakuna Matata

So I guess this is our new normal for now. Hopefully this passes soon but for now I’m just grateful to get out the house! Do you have any summer plans? How are you preparing for them and keeping safe let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Traveling Post Covid

  1. Hi Cousin,
    A road trip sounds like so much fun right now! I’m sure you all will have a blast. My kids have been in the house too, and I’ve been wanting to take them somewhere. I will probably try the STL zoo when it opens. I’ll be looking forward to seeing pictures from your road trip!


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