Surviving a road trip with 4 kids!

We are on our way to Florida! The kids have no idea that we are renting a house there & with our “large” family it’s so much easier to rent a house that way everyone has their own space. Plus with Covid going on we wanted to have the option to still be away from people! But back to the road trip we will be traveling 15 hours with 4 kids! This will be our fourth time doing the drive but first time with two toddlers Zyaire & Zavae are only 1 & 2 and Zyaire just got potty trained in the beginning of quarantine so this is definitely going to be an adventure!

RoadTrip Captain 🥰

Be prepared

I think I’m some what prepared though, we are leaving early in the morning so I’m hoping the younger ones will sleep for the most part. We are stopping in Tennessee to see family so if they sleep til then I will be grateful! By the way that’s what we are telling my oldest Azaleah when she wakes up that we are going to see her cousins, and since it’s been so long since she has seen other children I’m sure she won’t question me.🤣

Surprise bags

I got my older two (5&8) travel backpacks and filled each pocket with a surprise. I don’t what it is but my kids love surprises and blind bags so I figured I would make their backpack into a huge blind bag and at every stop they could open a different compartment…or if they said they were getting bored.


Easy Snacks

I tried to keep the snacks simple this time, items that were not as messy and easy for them help themselves. I’ll list a few of the items I found that were easy to with.

Pocky Sticks

Cheetos Puffcorn


String Cheese

Fruit Leather

Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Keep them busy!

So with in those backpacks I also put in some new books & journals. My oldest Azaleah loves to doodle and write stores I found a great travel journal on amazon that ask her questions about the trip. Another great item are jumbo look & find books.Of course if you want complete silence during the trip video games and tablets are like magic ✨ especially for my older son Cameron he wouldn’t make a sound until he needed to recharge it! Dollar Tree also has a great section of car games I found road trip bingo and a fun movie trivia game.

Sleeping kids = Happy parents

So I feel like we are ready! It seems like the drive back home always is faster than first getting to the vacation! Hopefully these tips will keep them busy(quiet) both ways. How do you and your family pass time during a road trip?

3 thoughts on “Surviving a road trip with 4 kids!

  1. We do road trips with our kids often. We usually make them as comfortable as possible. That means easy to clean up snacks, electronics, coloring books, books to read, and different small toys to play with.


  2. Wow! These are great tips. We travel with our kids also (pre COVID). We follow most of the sam but I like the easy snacks idea.


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