Out & About: St Louis Incredible Pizza

We had a chance to visit Incredible Pizza in St. Louis Missouri for the first time since they reopened. We originally went on a Tuesday but they were closed! They had just changed their hours for fall so make sure you check the website for hours before you go. So went back on a Thursday right when they opened and we had the place to ourselves!

So I noticed a few things right away they had lots of easy to read signs up to explain their new procedures. I always carry my own hand sanitizer because I found some places don’t refill their dispenser but Incredible pizza had all of their dispensers full and at a child appropriate height. Also they are a buffet but now they have workers at each station ready to serve you they hand you a clean new plate each time. It was a pretty easy set up but I do wonder how efficient that will be once they are at capacity. They bring your drinks to you as well so no guest are touching any food or drinks.

Incredible Pizza has different themed dining rooms to eat in but I noticed some of the rooms were closed off. Once inside of the dining room they have every other table blocked off while we were eating one other family did come in and they sat on the opposite side of the room. Once we were done eating it was time to head into the arcade, the kids favorite part!

The kids loved having the arcade to themselves

We went to the toddler area first the babies were kind of upset that the playground was taped off but quickly got over it after the first ride on game! We did a few games in the toddler room but the big kids were ready to play the real games. Azaleah wanted to play all the ticket games and Cameron loves the shooting games. After each game I had the kids sanitize their hands. I also noticed although we were the only ones in there the workers were constantly cleaning. Since there was no lines for any games we got to play most of them before it was time to leave.

The kids really enjoyed their day at Incredible pizza and I’m glad to be able to participate in some normal activities again! Have you been back to an arcade yet, how was it?

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