Halloween Canceled!?!

No trick or treating, no Halloween parties? You guys know I love all holidays because I enjoy any reason to celebrate! I knew our celebrations would be a little different this year.

Trick or Treating 2019

Every weekend In October is normally booked with activities ending with the grand finale of Trick or Treating!! So I had to think of something to bring our spooky filled month to a great ending… cause at this point I’m just ready to but up my Christmas tree honestly 🥴 For Halloween this year I will be giving my Boos “ Boo Baskets” think an Easter basket but for Halloween. I got them their normal trick or treat bucket and will fill them with Halloween goodies to use on our scary movie night.

👻 Boo Baskets

I got them the softest matching jammies, cute Halloween books, cups & all the candy they can handle because what is Halloween without going overboard on candy! Once they take their goodies out they can use the bucket for popcorn while we watch our movies.

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The pajamas which I think are so adorable I found at Marshall’s it’s the same brand I found last year so I was excited to see that they had them again it is called Trick or Treat sleep.

I always talk about how I love Marshall’s and Burlington for discount books the toddler books that I found were on sale for 2.99

This book I found for Cameron was on sale at Amazon for 6.99 it’s normally 17.99!!

I can’t wait to show the kids their boo baskets! How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this year?? Comment down below and let me know!

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