Out & About: Summit Product

It’s fall and I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I already miss summer!! Here in St Louis it’s already chilly and I was quickly reminded why I prefer summer. I like to be warm & cozy so it’s definitely time to bring out all the sweaters and head to the pumpkin patch…but we are still in a Pandemic 😷 so don’t forget your mask too!

Since school has started the kids have pretty much been in the house so they were so excited to get out and explore the Fun Zone at Summit Produce. The have timed reservations and you have a hour to attempt all the fun activities without the typical crowds. During the week it’s pretty flexible but weekends can sale out so make sure you get your tickets in advance they are $5 in advance. On the weekends you also get an arm painting (no faces due to covid) that is included with your pass.

My boys loved running through the Haunted Tunnel and climbing up the straw mountain. You are required to sanitize your hands before you enter the fun zone but I also brought personal hand sanitizer to use after each activity.

Since it was limited admission we were able to do all of the activities Zavae loved the swings but I loved the Quadro Slide because all four kids got to go down together! My older son Cam could barely focus on the activities he had been asking for kettlecorn as soon as he spotted it. They have a nice size farmers market and hotdogs & hot cocoa on the weekends.

The kids fell asleep on the way home so I feel like it was a successful trip! Are any pumpkin patches in your area open? Do you plan on going? If you are in the St Louis area make sure you check The Fun Zone at Summit Produce Oct 1st – 31st.

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