From Queen of Christmas to the Grinch.

So I was one of those people who put their tree up as soon as Halloween is over…Halloween night to be exact but this year is different. Of course all of 2020 has been “different” but I really thought the holiday season would bring back some normalcy to my life.

Christmas 2019

I feel like the Grinch when I plugged tree up my tree the top section didn’t light up and I literally left it like that.

I’m not sure if you are really self aware but also dealing with depression & anxiety but it’s a weird combination I know I can easily fix it but I have no energy or strength to fix it. So instead of going all out with my decorations like I normally do I left my half lit tree and box of decor & went back in my room to watch my same shows on Netflix. As I’m writing this blog I’m not even sure where I’m going with it but I do want to say check on your people even your strongest friend because we are having full blown battles in our head. So I’m sitting here hoping I could fast forward to Christmas Eve I’m sure the smiles and excitement from my kids will lift me up! Check on the kids too this has been a very draining year for them as well.

Christmas 2018

We did get the cutest matching black Santa pajamas from old navy so I think we are going to bundle up and try to find some light trails. Because there I go again trying to make this as normal as possible for them, we didn’t go visit Santa yet this year because my 8 year old said it would not be the same…I agree. So if you read this entire rant then thanks I just needed to vent. How are you feeling this holiday season?

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