About Me

Magical Mommy making Magical Memories!

If this is your first time here, Welcome! 🙂 I am Dariyan full time mom, wife & human…yeah i forget about that last part sometimes. This is my blog a place for me to organize my thoughts, talk with other moms and express my creative side. Mostly where i can share my memories because if you know me then you know i love taking pictures and if you don’t know you will quickly find out! But lets get to the point of this post who am I?

  1. Disney Obsessed!.. yeah I have a real problem lol but I love it and I don’t think it’s too bad of an obsession to have my husband might disagree tho.
  2. Birthday is August 18th and I celebrate the whole month! My wedding anniversary is Sept 2nd so for me its a celebration Aug 1 – Sept 3.
  3. My favorite color is Pink ❤
  4. My top 5 TV show that I watch over and over are Law & Order SVU, The Cosby Show, Reba, Sister Sister, and The Real
  5. My top 5 movies that I literally can quote word to word are House Party, Friday, Mean Girls, Bring it on & Pocahontas

Those are five random facts about me If i tried to write just a paragraph about myself this would probably become a small story. So this is just a start…small introduction to find out more make sure you subscribe to the blog, vlog and my insta all under Real Mommy Magic